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1991 - 2002

Co-founded Triggerfish Animation, producing award winning commercials and TV series Takalani Sesame Street. Triggerfish became and still is the leading animation company in South Africa


Co-founded Mobfest, 'the first African film festival for mobile phones'. Films and documentaries were shot using mobile phones and screened at Encounters Documentary Film Festival


Launched Bozza Media, Africa's online platform for African filmmakers and musicians to sell and share their work globally


Founded South Africa's first animation festival at the Sithengi Film Festival and Market


Launched Novel Idea where 8 of South Africa's leading authors each wrote a mobile phone novel and a new chapter was delivered to audiences daily


CEO of Trustpay, fintech for an African Market


Became CEO of Breakdesign, which became one of the top 5 developers globally for Nokia


Elected as Board Member in the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) EMEA and was the first African representative


Executive Director of Cape Digital Foundation. Worked closely with Government on their Broadband Strategy, where the Foundation was responsible for stimulating the uptake of technology in the Province.


Co-produced 'Beyond Freedom', South Africa's first animated documentary, funded and screened by National Geographic premiered in Los Angeles


Launched the first two hyper-local production companies in two different Townships, using mobile phones to tell local stories. We had over 40 000 viewers in 2 days watching hyperlocal relevant content on mobile phones


Time to share my experience and knowledge as an advisor and global speaker

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