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Triggerfish Animation

When I co-founded Triggerfish Animation in 1997, the nascent animation industry in South Africa comprised several small animation studios servicing the global advertising industry; with a focus on European and American styles and characters. 

We saw an opportunity to build a company that could create a new visual identity for African viewers, using images, stories and narratives that would resonate with our communities, especially in children’s programming. It was also an opportunity to build an industry that would provide employment and new skills in a growing industry in South Africa.


This vision led to Triggerfish being awarded the contract to create and produce the African version of Sesame Street (Takalani Sesame) for three seasons. We created localised stories for an African pre-school market in 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation. 

Triggerfish Animation went on to win many global awards and is still recognised as the leading animation company in Sub Saharan Africa.

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