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Nangamso Nyadia Boo

Community Member and Crew working on Digital Inequality in Imizamo Yethu, Cape Town, South Africa


“People from outside a township, have a cautious way about them when they enter; and I understand why.

But the first time I met Emma she carried her laptop and all other valuables in a carefree manner, which suggested that she wasn’t afraid of the people who lived in the township she wanted to uplift. It is one of the first things I noticed about Emma.


Although I had been employed and was under her leadership, she always made the entire crew feel like we were a team instead of employees with a boss.


Referring to the community empowerment aspect, she was more concerned about the impact we were making as a project, and not so much about the numbers. 


Anyone else might have considered her an outsider, merely because she was not from Imizamo Yethu, but there were times where she knew how to approach our people better than we could. She also reminded us why we were doing the work we did. It was in moments like that, that her true character and motive came through; it was an honour to learn whilst working with her.


I have worked for various organizations and projects within my community, and working with Emma reminded me why I got into the community empowerment space. We never encountered issues of mismanagement in any sphere of the project, and it was the first time I had worked on a project where there was transparency especially when it came to funds. This is a problem we face in Africa, from small scale projects to entire governments.


My experience with Emma has inspired me to carry on doing the good work in all communities that I can reach. I can make a positive and lasting impact in any community, and I can do that with integrity, respect and commitment.

Her commitment to uplifting and empowering my community, made me realize that the most important motive in this field is making a difference.”​

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