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Glenn Gillis

CEO, Sea Monster Animation Studio

"Emma is without doubt one of the smartest, most accomplished people I have ever met. She manages to combine a deep understanding of technology, with exceptional skills and experience as an entrepreneur, facilitator and manager. She has a profound insight into how technology and media can be used to drive social and business outcomes at scale.

She  shares her knowledge and passion freely, and in a way that is accessible to everyone. From established business people, to start-ups, and giving career advice, literally thousands of people have benefitted from her calm, insightful counsel over the years.  Emma has spoken at events internationally and is frequently quoted in the media where her insights and optimism, plus her on-the-ground experience make her a sought-after speaker and panellist.

What makes Emma all the more special, is that she is also truly creative. That she chooses to use her skills to drive educational and social outcomes is a true testament to her commitment to building a better world.

Emma has been at the forefront of the animation industry in South Africa for longer than she’d like me to say. She was the founding partner of what would become one of the biggest studios in the country, and was also instrumental in creating the animation industry body, where she served on the board.

She has founded several companies and has vast practical experience in setting up organisations to scale. She has completed several high profile fund raises from venture capitalists, and has actually built technology that can be used across Africa and the world. Throughout she has earned a reputation for her integrity, hard work and desire to combine the best of business with a strong purpose.

Emma is one of those truly unique people, who is compassionate, fair and nice, whilst at the same time  being strategic and practical, when needed. There are quite simply not enough individuals in the world like Emma, who want to use their skills and experience to unlock new technologies to drive social impact."

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