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Andrew Puddephatt


Chair Internet Watch Foundation

"I have worked with Emma in a number of capacities, as a consultant, project partner, entrepreneur and advisor. She has lived and worked in Africa all her life and has a deep understand of the range of rich, diverse and complex communities that make up the continent. She has deep technical and developmental knowledge of the business environment in Africa and understands the social impact that can happen when funds are deployed in a meaningful way with clear implementation plans.

What has impressed me working with me in various roles is that she driven by achieving systemic change in Africa, focusing on the outcome of a project or programme rather than simply numerical outputs.  I’ve drawn upon her strategic insight regularly in my work in Africa (and beyond) and have invited her to be the keynote speaker at strategy meetings hosted by a number of the organisations whose boards I sit on.

She has a real social entrepreneurial flare and can see opportunities where many see challenges. I always value her insights and observations and I would not hesitate to work with her again."

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